Covers for sale!

Covers for sale!


Still have these up for sale, for anyone outside of my local area. Email me at if you would like to purchase these sketch covers. I also have a few blank sketch covers ready for commission. They’re $40 each plus if you’re in the States it’s $10 for shipping.

In other news, things have changed for me this year and I’ve been going through a lot, mostly grieving over my dog. There are a lot of plans with my Major Projects this year so i’m balancing my tasks there and doing commissions. I have to say this has been an amazing climb. I feel like all my work for 13 years have actually started to open up possibilities. One thing that I am doing on the side is grabbing all the comic work I’ve done earlier on and have started to sort them out so i could print them. I’ve also found the really bad ones, art wise and decided to redraw everything and compile an anthology with just me in it. It’s a huge task that’s probably going to take me 2 years but These are stories I’ve wanted to tell since 2001 and I think i’m ready now to show everyone the full world of Neo Gaia.

I’ve also voiced this idea of doing a kickstarter on my old comic Decade which before I called Charlie but i feel like it’s too simple to call it that. I’ve already inked 3 issues and i’m on my 4th issue with it, so i want to make it a 4 issue long book with a few added stories so it’s got some girth. I’m pretty sure i’m going to add stories of Alex and Jerry from Notorious BIT and more. Hopefully i can start promoting it and showing you guys what it’s going to become and get some support for this book.  I will post a preview this week on the comic’s progress. until then! Peace and Luv!


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