Massaging My Brain


Hi guys! I figured i have this medium to express myself on so i’ll try to get back to it again. I just finished this poster for Excessive Force and i’m fairly happy with it. Shout outs to the modelers and riggers of my team, Adam, Nolan, Jamal and Tim for the characters done up here. I pretty much did the robot from scratch, the bg space and planet, and the tank rigged also.

The life drawing really helped me out be more active in drawing and always be on, I sometimes have to be pushed into the mood to get going and that doesn’t work well in this line of business. I’ve also ramped up my commission list so that i’m always working and have been talking to certain schools about doing classes to be really immersed in art. I can’t mess around anymore because I’m getting older and I need to improve more.

Currently I’ve been looking for inspirations to keep my brain going so I’ve gone back to trying out Alchemy, for any of you who still haven’t tried this check dem out ( . It’s great because it makes your brain see things like clouds and stuff. It helps you get started from a blank slate.

I really love working on it, with all the features and stuff. My favorite of it all is that it doesn’t have undo XD. It really forces you to stick with what you got and be in the moment. Also it’s really a stepping stone to when you’re designing something. After i like what I got, I bring it over to Photoshop and start defining everything. I’ll do a tutorial one day if you need it. Give it a try and show me some of what you’ve come up with. For now, PEACE AND LUV!