Back In Life Drawing!

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So I was looking for a good life drawing session to drop in and I have noticed a bunch but today i noticed i said yes to one and it was happening tonight so i dropped in. I was hoping for my friends to be there and there were quite a few that said they were going to go. I got there and we started, i knew no one. I was nervous because i have not done life drawing in about 6-8 years… I hate myself for it because it used to be one of the things i loved because i got good at it. Now it has been so far in the back of my brain that i didn’t bother with it, until recently. As i’ve been drawing alot of commissions lately (thank you to all my customers you all have been great to me!), I noticed alot of my errors go back to ” i should get back to life drawing”. In order for me to figure out how can my brain understand what’s wrong with some of my work, i had to do a full session of life drawing. Life drawing really trains all of your knowledge in the few minutes you have to nail that pose down. As you can see i’m still rusty at it but the one thing i realized was the faults i had. It completely exposed it all on paper for me as i dropped those lines. The main thing in anyone’s career if you wanna get better is to admit to your faults and try your best to fix it. As we grow we tend to pick up bad habits or misunderstandings on lessons. Now i can refocus my approach on drawing and really refine my lines.

I also tried to ink my lines cause some of the illustrators there really inspired me to do so. I mean they nailed down ink wash within 10 mins and even 7mins @_@. was very inspirational, thanks to Kegan McLeod for letting me in their little private life drawing session. I met some great people and they really inspired me to try some new things. ^_^ I’ll definitely come back and refine my lines. Peace and Love everyone!