Hey guys! Happy New Years! What a way to start it off! got lots of new commissions to do.

For the guys waiting for my comic to come out I’m very sorry, i’ve been trying to finish my other projects that are too far along to ignore and the last few events have taken up most of my time. It has been such a whirlwind of events and conventions that it’s been very difficult for me to get any pages done for UX. But i promise you i will get it done and when i do i will have the pre-order up.  By the way my commissions are still open for anyone that wants drawings from me. My paypal email is maddsketch@gmail.com Just contact me and we can chat about what you would like done.  My sketch covers are $25 plus the price of the comic and shipping. If your in the area of Gotham Central Comics, or Stadium Comics let me know and i can drop it off there when it’s done.  Let’s make this year a really big one! Peace and Luv ya’ll!