The Grange Comic release



I was fortunate enough to be a part of a project called the Grange and yesterday we released the comic for everyone to have. I have never had so much pictures taken of me and have signed so many comics. We signed 500 in one day haha, It was pretty awesome.

We really had a great time with the people in the event. We were with the museums that held a lot of the memorabilia that was from the plane and the whole project.   Everyone was so passionate about this plane and I totally understand the sadness they had when the project was suddenly scrapped. A lot of the men that worked on the project were also there and had cool stories about it for us.

1379815_10153284921295290_110725765_nIn terms of who did what, I wrote the book, layed it out and colored it, Daniel drew it , and Vince did the Cover. We got pressed for time because we had to do the book and also go through FanExpo and Montreal comic con. It was such a great experience to work with Daniel on the book because of his experience. We were so open to co-operate with each other on making the best book we could. That is the one thing i’d like for people to do. Is not to force co-operation with people but to find that one person that will do it. We’ve all been there where we have good friends but when it came to working on a project it becomes very troublesome. The key is to be open and like the same thing, if not then the project is doomed to begin with.

I would like to thank everyone that came and picked up the book. We truly appreciated the love we received and was overwhelmed by it all. I want to thank Vince and Daniel for the great effort and also Alvaro for the awesome help he did with the team on the tables, i’m sorry for having to get me coffee and run to my car to get my business cards lol i felt like such a diva XD