The Road So Far

Hi guys, I realized I really should be using this website more than the Facebook page so here we go. I have been pretty busy with a lot of the projects I’ve been running. Excessive Force is going pretty well, working with Writers and Producers, but most of my passion is still with my drawings. I have been staying up super late to work on new pieces and learning new techniques to be faster and better with each piece. I work closely with one of the best artists in Spent Pencils,  Vince Sunico to see where my faults are. Lately my speed in events are very slow and realized that my focus is off whenever I approach a commission.

Conventions and Events are tricky, you want to seem busy but when you do get busy you have so much pressure to get it all done before the event is done. But then again pressure is good, you have all the time in the world to prepare yourself to high tension moments. Not facing your situations just pushes back the inevitable.  The inevitable that no matter how many times you avoid it or push it back, it will come back at you, unless you over come it. Then you become stronger, faster, and over all better. Then that big hill is now just a small bump you always go over with no problems.  I have many hurdles, some are just absolutely gigantic and in every meeting I go to, it forces me to take on my fears.

IMG_1672 In every piece I have created lately it was to face take on my issues and attempt to make better work. What you need to do is make a list of issues you have with your technique. Whether that’s anatomy, proportions or perspective, just take it on.

Just to keep this last part short, I was planning on starting shows this week but everything got sideswiped and now i must start next week. So doodle tuesdays will be back next week and The Sequentials will begin next Wednesday. We are also starting a new show called Time Well Spent with Alvaro and Tiff talking about news in comics and reviewing current storylines. So if you would like to be in the know in comics we will be providing that to you. I will also bring back the Maddvlogs and try to bring Joanne more into it so its not just my ugly mug in the videos lol. Until tomorrow, PEACE AND LUV!


PS. Don’t forget to check out my new fan art stuff and if you would like a commission done, please click the Commission Work on the menu.