Obsession With Sketch Cards

Hai! How do you like my site? I’ve been working on it for quite some time now. I was contemplating weather i should keep my blogspot site or just do everything in one site, my main site. So i figured I’ll just do it. It took me forever to work out the webcomics part but thanx to my friend at SpentPencils, Daniel helped me out and got that feature to work. i will be uploading every comic i’ve done including the Notorious BIT stuff and possibly continue it. i just wanted more content flow in this site and see how i could make it work. heck maybe even do some funky gaming stuff. As long as it’s maddsketch material i will put it here.

Sketch Cards was something my friend Carlos (owner of Gotham Central Comics) have suggested i should start doing and so i’ve been finding it so much fun to do. I believe i’ve made over 25 cards already and i kinda like the idea of making a ton more. I’m selling them for $10 so if you want the ones you see on the gallery just email me at maddsketch@gmail.com and i’ll hook you up. It’s going to be through paypal so i will basically charge you through there.

It has been such a whirlwind since my project has started, by that i mean Excessive Force. It is such a load of work to be directing it, dealing with the art and designing the game. I sometimes program game mechanics just to get it to work. But at the end of the day drawing keeps me sane and alive ^_^. Well that’s all for now i will try to keep you all updated with everything i’m doing, for now just check out my latest videos on youtube here.